How To Get GCSE Past Papers, AS Level Past Papers, A2 Past Papers

We all know that the best preparation for an exam is going through past papers. What annoys me is when I see websites that want to charge you for getting past papers when there is no way they paid for them anyway. So on this page Im going to show you how to get maths past papers, biology past papers, chemistry past papers… you get the idea. I will make sure that I include OCR past papers, AQA past papers, Edexcel past papers and also WJEC past papers.
AQA Past Papers

Luckily, AQA past papers are hosted on their website so you can get past papers for them quite easily. When you clink through to the link, just click the correct course depending on whether you need GCSE past papers, as level papers or a2 level papers. Then click the correct subject and what should be displayed are the past papers from previous years since that syllabus started. Recently, AQA has had many new syllabuses released meaning you may have to click ‘legacy A levels’ to access the past papers but remember those past papers may not be 100% relevant to your syllabus.

Ok here is the link:

Another great website with AQA past papers is however the problem we have here is that on its site it does not make it clear as to which exam board a past paper is specific to but there are some which tell you as to what exam board they are for.

OCR Past Papers

Just like AQA, OCR past papers are hosted on their site. Just like AQA, OCR has made many syllabus changes meaning they also have qualifications sorted as either ‘current’ or ‘legacy’. Keep in mind though when you click through and have found the subject such as maths, the maths past papers will not show up. This is because you must click ‘view all documents’, only then will they show up. Dont ask me why, its just the way it is!

Another great site for OCR past papers if you are doing subjects in the ‘science’ area is . This website has even got past papers that are older than the ones on the OCR website! They go far back as 2002, meaning you have more than enough past papers to get through. I would seriously recommend this website if you are doing Biology, Chemistry or Physics because if you are, this website is for you.

Edexcel Papers

Just like the other exam boards, Edexcel past papers are hosted on their website, however in order to access them you must know the centre number for your school/college. But if you click on the side of the page where it says ‘Past papers for students’, you should be able to access them without this information but keep in mind when clicking this link it takes you to another website.
WJEC papers

In my opinion, WJEC is one of the most difficult exam boards so past papers are a must when it comes to revision when you’re on the WJEC exam board. Just like the other websites, click which level of education you are doing, then the correct subject and all the available past papers will be displayed. Unlike some of the other websites, the past papers on the page are clearly laid out and it is easy to find a paper which is specific to a certain year. Here is the link
Ok so thats it for now. If I find anymore quality past paper websites I will put them on here, in the meantime bookmark and check regularly. All the best!
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