How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (Weight Loss Technique)

Yes you have come to the correct place if you want to lose weight swiftly and most important healthily. However first I must inform of things you should not do which could possibly put your health at risk. So here is your What Not To Do List

1. Don’t go crazy buying loads of products which you see online that look extremely attractive. Most of these products don’t work and are a rip off. Some may work and work well indeed, however they may help you lose weight fast but not healthily. If you do become particularly interested in a product, make sure you find a reliable review for it first

2. Do not rush into big bursts of exercise as your body will not be used to it and it could put a strain on your heart. For example if you have not done any running in a few years, and start running for miles straight away, your body will not be able to cope

3. Last and finally DON’T GIVE UP! Losing weight can take time but how long it takes is up to you. As you lose weight, it becomes more difficult to lose more weight so don’t lose your self-esteem!

Ok so that’s the boring part out of the way, let’s get straight into it. I’m going to break it down into 10 steps so you can digest the information properly.

1. Calories– calories are needed for energy. However you should only consume how much you need. Any extra calories you take in gets stored up as fat and consequently you gain weight. Depending on your age and gender, there are different recommended daily amounts. The point is, if you take in exactly what you need, you don’t lose or gain weight. However if you take in less than you need, and do this for a period of time, you will see results almost straight away. To find out your recommended daily calorie intake, visit

2. Levels of Activity– your typical day only consist of waking up, going to work, come home, watch TV and go to bed? You need to increase the amount of calories you burn. Get up 10 minutes earlier and go for a walk. Workplace not too far? Take the bike instead. Get their on bus? Get off one stop earlier. This will significantly increase the amount of calories you burn and all add up at the end of the week
3. Diets – it is really difficult to find a diet plan that works as everyone is different. However, the longest a diet plan should be is no more than two months. This is because if no progress has been made by this time, then the diet is not effective. This leads to another problem, your morale decreases hugely and some people will just give up after this. So find a diet that makes a difference after the first week!
4. Plan– have you got planned what you’re going to eat tomorrow? The day after? The day after tomorrow? You must plan ahead and make sure you have got the correct foods already stored away. If you have no plan and just go to the fridge to see what you’ve got, then you’re probably going to eat whatever is in the fridge.
5. Habits – some people have a huge list of bad habits that gets them overweight. Skipping meals is one of them. The reason why this is because you end up overeating at the next meal. Some people have in mind that they must finish their plate. If this is the case, then serve the food in smaller plates making the portion smaller. Trust me, its effective! Are you always having that packet of crisp or chocolate after a meal? Change it for a portion of fruit. Overweight people also eat very fast. If you eat slowly, then you’re breaking down the food more making it easier for the body to digest it properly. Oh, and you enjoy your food much more!
6. Drink Water– in this day and age, it is very common for someone to grab a can of coke or other fizzy drink to quench their thirst. This is not good as these drinks contain many calories and they also damage your teeth. Water is extremely refreshing and contains 0 calories. Drinking cold water actuallly increases your metabolism as energy is needed to heat up the water in your body. This will in turn help you lose weight as well as prevent other problems such as acne.

7. Negative Calorie Foods- Ever heard of negative calories foods? These are basically foods which use up more calories to digest than is actually in them. So they are basically fat burning foods! For more information on these foods, check my post on negative calories foods, link is at the bottom of this post.

8. Chewing– chewing gum is actually an excellent way of losing weight. By chewing sugar-free gum, you increase your metabolism by approximately 20%. Someone chewing gum all day can burn off an equivalent of 11 pounds a year!

9. Muscle- Did you know, if you were to go with a friend to watch a movie, but he has more muscle on his body, just by sitting there in one place, he would burn more calories than you in the same amount of time. The reason for this is because when you have more muscle on you’re body, you’re metabolism is higher. Metabolic reactions use energy, so the higher you’re metabolism, the more calories you burn. Simples!

10. Keep It There– when people lose weight and have got down to their desired weight, they revert back to their old ways and put it all back on again. When you have got down to your desired weight, don’t stop exercising or give up your healthy diet!

Ok so there is you’re easy 10 step manual to healthy weight loss! Have fun losing weight! All the best!

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