How To Write a CV ( Curriculum Vitae ) / Resume

A CV is very important in the adult world as it is looked at by employers who look for the best candidates for their company. It is almost like a brochure, where you sell yourself and make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. A CV includes: Career history Skills and strengths Awards and achievements Contact details.


A CV in general usually covers no more that one side of A4 unless you have a wealth of previous experience or are a university graduate with many more things to add on.

Not all CV layouts are the same but you must make sure it is clearly laid out,logically ordered, easy to read and not cramped. Good presentation is vital as it shows the employer you are an organised person. Also make sure it is accurate in content,grammar and spelling.

Sample CV
This CV gives you an idea of how it should be laid out and in order, with ease of reading.




Times New Roman is the best to go for as it is the standard windows font and is probably the easiest read. Bets are, employers like it!


Although you can leave out information you dont want the employer to know, never give inaccurate or misleading information or else… well you can work that one out for yourself.


Make sure you proof read, re-read and read again making sure there are no mistakes in your CV because if there are, it will give the employer a bad impression straight away. Give your CV to someone else to read as well just to make sure it makes sense.


Take a look at other sample CV’s as well to get an idea of a good layout and things to include. A good website with loads of sample CV’s is . Take a look at quite a few CV’s so you know exactly how yours should be.


Hope this helps you with your quest on writing a flawless CV. All the best!



  1. thanks for the informative blog. Additionally, the CV must have name and contact details mentioned on the top,then career objective along with all the details of work experience, job profiles, qualification, personal info, strengths, other activities. I would just suggest to learn the employer company, learn the requirements and then create the CV in such a manner that you make the employer realize that you are the one they were searching for! keep posting.

  2. I feel CV and resume are prepared differently according to the regions. I have seen US, UK and Indians CVs, which are totally different, so i feel people should prepare according to this. anyways your sample was helpful..@bose

    Sample Cvs

  3. this is great work. Extremely well documented – thanks.
    Cv Examples

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