How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Yes its true, car insurance prices are a complete joke. Especially if you’re a young driver with little experience. When people pass their driving test at 17 as I did, they are in for a complete shock when they try to find some cheap car insurance. It’s horrible how you’re insurance can be five times the worth of the car! So I decided to make a page that the car insurance companies definitely dont want you to see that will aid you in finding some cheap car insurance!

I’m going to make a sort of list on what to do or what not to do, so pay close attention!

Pass Plus

Now that you have completed you’re driving test, it may be extremely beneficial to complete a pass plus course. This is a series of lessons taken with you’re driving instructor to cover more extensive areas of driving such as on motorways and night driving. The advantage of this is that with a Pass Plus certificate, some insurance companies give up to 35% discount! That is potentially hundreds of pounds so definitely worth it in the current economic climate!

Furthermore, some local councils also help pay towards the cost of Pass Plus schemes so check up on that also!

Student Car Insurance

If you are a student, then you maybe in luck for a good quote. There are some insurance companies out there which have insurance available for students only and at very competitive prices. The most famous of these is Endsleigh. Adrian Flux also have insurance schemes specifically for young drivers, which is good for those who are not students. So make sure you give them a visit.

Car Insurance Groups

This is arguably the most important factor affecting you’re insurance premium after age. Cars are given group ratings by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). These ratings are based on the risk of the vehicle. The higher the risk, the higher the insurance group. A high performance sports car for example would be placed in a high insurance group.

For first time drivers, it is recommended to buy a car in groups 1-4. Cars in these groups yield low insurance premiums and therefore happy drivers! To find the insurance group of a particular vehicle, enter the details on the following page:

No Claims Bonus

Building you’re no claims bonus as soon as you start driving is the best advice for long term cheap car insurance. Even just a year’s no claim bonus gives insurance companies the idea that you’re a reliable driver and low risk, reducing you’re insurance premium.

The more years you have of no claims, the lower you’re premium. It’s so easy, all you have to do is nothing, in some sense…

Shop Around Every Corner

The popular method of looking for car insurance these days is through price comparison sites. However the first mistake some people make is that they only use one comparison site, thinking the others do the exact same thing and therefore don’t bother with any others. However this is not the case.

Here is a list of common comparison sites:



Money Supermarket


Compare The Market

Some comparison sites may include insurance companies which others may not. So although it can be boring entering the same details on multiple sites, I assure you that it will be well worth it in the end!

Another mistake is thinking that all the prices can be found online. There are a select few companies which do not put their prices on comparison sites. You need to ring them directly for a quote. Direct Line is one of these companies, so make sure you give them a ring!

So there you go. There are my top five tips for young drivers looking for cheap car insurance. I hope this has helped!

Thanks for reading.


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