How To Watch Football Live Online for FREE

Watching live football online for FREE is becoming increasingly popular each year as subscription prices increase and whilst we’re in a recession people are trying to save as much money as possible. I am going to show you two ways in which you can watch football live online for FREE. The first method is the easiest way but the second way in my opinion is the best way.

Online Streaming
There are some websites that stream live football matches on their wesbite. At the moment, I have only found one consistent website that gives quality football streams for free, but bare in mind these are online streams so when I say ‘quality’ I dont mean HD! When I find other sites which allow you to watch live football on their sites, I will put the links below.

Now because I said software, dont go round banging your head. Its really really simple trust me! First you need to download one piece of streaming software and in my opinion the best. It is called Sopcast and is 100% free. Here is link:
Once you have downloaded it, go through the set up and install it. Once you have installed it, you are going to need to go to a website. Bookmark this page as you will always come here whenever you want to watch live football (you can watch any sports actually):
Ok so when your on the site, find the match you want to watch. Then on the right of the match you want to watch, click the small tv icon. This will bring you to a page with loads(sometime little) of channels. The channel at the top is usually the one working the best. Under each channel, is listed the software available to watch the live football stream. If sopcast is listed, then click play next it. Your installed sopcast player will load up and begin to stream the channel.

OK then thats it, there is your tutorial for watching free football online yes FREE live football! Have Fun!

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