How To Get Free Stuff (Freebies)

You know what they say, the best things in life are free! So let me share with you some secrets on how to get free stuff and make the most out of it!

1. Free Download Manager

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This is one of the handiest free products I have come across. Ever had the problem where you’re downloading a file and then the download suddenly breaks? Only to have to find the site of download and start all over again? But with download manager, whenever you’re download is interrupted, you can resume it exactly where it was up to. The very clever technology behind this software uses a sophisticated method of download that increases the speed of the download by up to 600%! Another great feature is that you can also download torrent files and even control websites through FTP. And if that wasn’t enough, you can download videos from popular sites such as YouTube or Google Video etc, and can even convert the file to you’re desired choice on download. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this product can do. I highly recommend it. Click the download link above to get it.

2. Free Cereal Coupons

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Now I came out about this offer by chance, but glad I found it as its perfect for this post. Unfortunately this wasn’t open to me as it is for US residents only. But basically these free coupons are available for Kelloggs cereals, and are available for print out. To get you’re coupons, click the link above.

3. Free Restaurant Coupons

You can now get free coupons to print and use at various restaurants all at no cost. Just click the banner above to get yours.

4. OpenOffice (Microsoft Office Alternative)

Click Here

Ever had the problem of purchasing a new computer only to realise you have no Microsoft Office installed? I have and it was really frustrating. I really did not want to dish out the huge sum for a Microsoft Office package and thanks to some great advice from a friend, I didn’t have to! OpenOffice is 100% free and was perfect for all office files I required. I could open Microsoft Office files with OpenOffice meaning there was no switching to other computers with Microsoft Office to open a Microsoft Office file. I’m happy I saved a lot of money thanks to OpenOffice and think you should make note of it just in case the usual file client isn’t available, or even download and save to your memory stick because it can come in handy. To download, click the banner above.

5. Freebies “R” Us

Click Here

This site is great when it comes to freebies. They tell you right off the bat to which offers to look out for and what offers to beware of. When you join this site, they give you access to the latest freebies available. They update their site frequently so you don’t miss out on anything. Freebie samples and other free stuff are shipped out everyday as companies need people to test them and give an opinion. I would highly recommend joining this site. To get started, click the banner above.

6. The Freebie Fix

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Similar to the freebie site above, this is yet another site giving access to the latest freebies available. Not only that they send out discount and cash saving coupons, saving you even more money! Each week, they send you an email packed with the latest samples, big discounts and cash saving coupons. When its free, what have you got to lose? To join the email list, click the banner above.

7. Arcamax Free Sites Newsletter

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And yet another great site to sign up to so you can receive frequent updates on freebies. The great thing about this site is that they email you daily with the best freebies so you are most up to date with the best freebies available! They also send you the latest coupons and discounts which are going round. To sign up, just click the banner above.

8. SelectYourMail UK

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Here you can get a variety of free catalogues, brochures and newsletters from a number of different companies, giving you the opportunity to seek, find and shop for new products and services. Its completely free so why not sign up? You never know, you find a few mind blowing deals! To get started, click the banner above.

Ok so there you have it, some great freebies and freebie ‘getting’ sites. Hopefully you will have enjoyed this post and dont forget to bookmark because I will be adding more as I find them! Thanks for reading!


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