How To Check If You Are Colour Blind

Colour blindness is not being able to see certain colours correctly that most others can. It is usually an inherited predisposition but in rare cases can also be acquired through the environment due brain damage. Being colour blind is classed as disability so you should get tested as if you are, you maybe be entitled to help.
Here is a simple way of determining whether a person is colour blind or not. It is the most common way of testing and is called the Ishihara Colour Test. It compromises of a series of ‘plates’ with numbers on them. Normal colour vision people will read a certain number, but colour blind people will read a different number. Note, this test is for Red-Green colour blindness.

Ok so let’s begin!

Now what number can you see on this plate?

Normal colour vision will see 25.

Red-Green colour blind also sees 25.

What number is visible in this plate?

Normal colour vision sees 29.

Red-Green colour blind can only see spots.

Which number can be seen here?

Normal colour vision sees 45.

Red-Green colour blind sees just spots.

Now what number is visible?

Normal colour vision sees 56.

Red-Green colour blind also sees 56.

What number is visible here?

Normal colour vision sees 6.

Red-Green colour blind sees spots.

What number can you see in this plate?

Normal colour vision sees 8.

Red-Green colour blind sees spots.

So thats the simple test to check for colour blindess. Please note you should not take this a definitive ‘diagnosis’ but as a fairly accurate indication that you may or may not have Red-Green colour blindness. See a doctor for a full thorough test.

Thankyou for reading the post and I hope it has helped!




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