How To Download YouTube Videos

Let’s face it, if you have access to the internet, you’re probably¬†going to visit YouTube at least once in the day. With it’s increasing popularity, and millions of videos online, you’re bound to find something on there you really like.

So what do you do when you want to download any of the videos? One of the oldest methods is still in use today. That is that you would copy the URL of the video, head off to, and paste the url into the relevant space. This would then give you the option of downloading the video in a small variety of formats.

However the most common method today is to use a piece of software called YouTube Downloader. This great piece of software allows you to download the video, save it to anywhere you want, and then convert on download to the format of you’re choice. It’s 100% free! There does not seem to be an official site for the software, but it is available at good download sites such as (

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it helped!

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