How To End A Letter

This used to be a common dilemma for me. When it came to ending a formal letter, I had absoloutely no idea as to how to end it. But rest assured, a few tips from my English teacher set me on the straight path.The basic idea is that if you are addressing someone who you do not know, so you could be starting of the letter ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, then you would end the letter with Yours faithfully. As you do not know the person, you are having faith in them that they will fulfil any needs.

However if you know the person that you are addressing the letter to, ‘Dear Adam’ for example, then you would end the letter Yours Sincerely. Yours Truly is another way to end, but it is best that this way of ending is avoided as it is seen as less formal. It is also disliked by many organisations.

Of course, if you are writing to someone who you may know quite well, but are in contact because of business for example, you could end it as ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Regards’. Again this is much less formal.

Ok thats all. Hope It Helped!

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