How To Tag Someone In A Post On Facebook

Tagging someone in a post on Facebook is something that is quite simple to do. However it is finding out how to tag someone in a post which is the difficult part. Facebook doesn’t really give you any tips or pointers on how to do it either. Tagging people in photos is straight forward enough, but not so much tagging them in a post.
When I tried tagging someone in a post, I never really figured out how others did it. I looked at the available buttons but they were of no use. Then I finally figured out, as with most discoveries, how to tag someone by accident.

I was typing a friends name in a post, upon which their name automatically came up, and all I needed to do was click on their name and they would be tagged! That’s it! That is all there was to it. So to tag someone, just basically start typing their name, but make sure the initial is in capitals, so for example Sarah, the S is in capitals, and it should come up and just click their name and hopefully they will be tagged.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helped.

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