How To Back Up You’re Blogger Blog

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a backup of you’re blog. Imagine having written so many posts only one day to login and see that you’re blog has been removed….That would be awful. Countless times I have come accross blogs, try and click through to them only for a notice to come up saying this blog has been removed for whatever reason.So I thought a tutorial on how to back up you’re Blogger blog would be perfect. Now there are many methods out there on how to back up you’re blog. However the one I am going to share is maybe the easiest and quickest.

You can actually back up you’re Blogger blog through you’re blogger control panel itself, talk about convenience! So without further ado, let me explain how you can do this.

1. Once logged in to Blogger, in you’re dashboard, scroll down to the blog which you would like to backup and click on settings.

You should see this on you’re screen

2. Under ‘Basic’ you will see ‘Blog Tools’. From here you can export you’re blog.

3. Click ‘Export Blog’ and this will allow you to save you’re entire blog in the form of an xml file.

4. Save the file somewhere safe on you’re hard drive.

5. You’re backed up!

So thats it! In my opinion, the easiest method to back up you’re entire blog in just a few click!

Thanks for visiting, hope you found it useful!

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