How To Get Cheap Disney Tickets

It’s every kid’s dream to go to the magical kingdom. It’s every¬†parents wish that their kids are happy and have everything they possible can. But sometimes finances stop that, and the magical kingdom is no exception.

Prices at the magical kingdom are unfortunately not magical, and this puts off many parents from taking their children there. And who blames them? These are financially tight times. Including all costs that would stack up for an experience at disneyland would come to a daunting amount of money. Therefore parents have no choice but to find alternatives.

However I came accross a news article claiming that thousands of dollars could be saved from a trip at disneyland. It said that by following simple yet super effective tips, you could save thousands of dollars. Intrigued by the claim, I read the whole article.

So after reading the article, I got an idea of what it was all about but was still a bit skeptical. An ex employee of Disney, Beth Haworth, has written a whole guide on how to save money at Disneyland. Being experienced in the business for a long time, Beth had learned where so many people were just throwing money away where they could be saving thousands of dollars.

But what really gripped me by the throat was the video at the bottom of the article. It was from a news channel which had actually tried, tested and approved the guide! A member of the news cast went along to Disneyland, and compared the costs of what people would normally pay with the costs with Beth Haworth’s tips and recommendations. Here is the video:

So there is the video explaining the basic concept. To find out more just click here.

Thanks for reading, hope you found it helpful!

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