How To Fix The Blackberry Scroll Problem

The BlackBerry boom is at it’s peak and wherever you look, someone is holding a BlackBerry. These small and sleek phones are extremely popular thanks to the social aspect it offers through BlackBerry Messenger.

However, small problems seem to always be popping up here and there and it really does ruin the reputation of the company. A partcicular problem is with the scroll. The recent problem which is becoming ever so more common is that the scroll stops working but the button can still be pressed.

This indicates that it is not a hardware problem but a software problem. It’s quite peculiar that the button can be pressed but the scroll does not function as they operate from the same hardware base on the phone. It really does highlight the software flaws that BlackBerry’s history has been littered with.

The fix for this is quite simple but it is not a convenient fix. The scroll seems to stop working when the software for the phone has been updated. A BlackBerry 9700 which had been updated to the 6.0 software seemed to have this problem. So the software had to be downgraded.

Now to do this you of course need the BlackBerry software on you’re computer and a USB wire to connect the phone with, as you cannot do it from the phone as the scroll does not function. I am aware that there are tutorials online which allow you use the phone without the scroll through keyboard shortcuts but I find these quite time consuming and inconvenient.

**Back up any data you want to keep through the BlackBerry Software**

Once you are into you’re Blackberry software, click the top left of the window where it says Device. From the options, click on Update. This will bring up a window asking if you want to receive updates via email. On the bottom left of this window, click View Other Versions.

Note: To update, you need to have an active subscription to BlackBerry services. To downgrade, you should be okay.

Now downgrade to one of the 5.0 versions. Once downgraded, switch the phone off for about 15 minutes. Then switch back on, and the scroll should be working. If not, lock the screen and then unlock and try again. The scroll function on the BlackBerry 9700 started working again after a whole day.

So that’s the simplest fix I know of. If you have a better fix or know of any updates to the problem from BlackBerry, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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