How To Treat IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a life hampering disorder which affects millions. Most people reading this post will know what the disorder is and be looking for a remedy. For those that don’t, in simple terms it is a disorder where there are periods of uncontrollable and uncomfortable bowel movements, usually straight after eating.I have had IBS for some years now and have finally managed to treat it. But before I talk about the treatment, I would like to share my story. If you would rather skip my story, then scroll down to where it says ‘Treatment For IBS’.

I was 14 years old. Me and my friends would always go to the take away every thursday at lunch time as we would finish early that day. We would always eat out on that day without fail as I would barely eat at school as I did not like school meals at all. Now I would never need to use the bathroom during the day or even at night for any bowel movement. I would always do all my ‘business’ in the morning.

However, one day something very odd happened. We had just eaten and we were playing pool. I got a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It became apparent that I needed to relieve myself in the restroom. This had never happened before and in essence shocked me a little. I passed it off as just a one off thing and that something must have been wrong with the food.

But little did I know, from that day on, my life would change forever. It was that day when it all started. That was the day when I lost control over my stomach and my life began turning upside down. Every time I would eat during the day, even a moderate amount of healthy food, I would need to use the bathroom not long after. And when you are in school, it doesn’t get more embarrassing than that.

From then on, I never ate unless I was at home, or there was a bathroom nearby. One of the worst things was the psychological aspects which I think made it worse. The fact that I ‘knew’ I would need the bathroom after eating would create a bit of anxiety. This anxiety would make it worse and make me need to go to the toilet even more.

One thing I did notice was however, when there was a toilet nearby, this would kind of relax me and I wouldn’t even need the toilet. But when there wasn’t, this would make me anxious and then I would need it, coincidence?

Because of the problem, when I was at school and college, I would not eat until I went home. Not eating during the day would help 80% of all the time. Again I think it was a psychological factor. Knowing I hadn’t eaten would keep my mind off the whole thing altogether and therefore I would not need to use the bathroom.

My social life was ruined. Especially at my age, where teenagers are suppose to be having great fun, I was staying inside, rejecting every social invite, all because of this embarrassing illness. Even at the time of writing this article, it saddens me when I think of how much I missed out on.

Once I thought I would give it a go, but boy I wish I hadn’t. We were in Manchester city centre at night, where we decided to go for a Nando’s. About 30 minutes after the meal, bam! The sudden need for the loo! I could feel myself go red and tense up. For starters I needed to find a toilet, not easy when they’re usually locked at night and secondly face the embarrassment in front of my friends! Luckily I found a toilet and was quick, so my friends did not suspect a thing.

Ok so now you have a little insight into my story, I’m going to go a three years later and talk about treatment.

Treatment for IBS

At first, I always thought I was the only person in the world with this problem. It wasn’t until I researched my condition online that there were quite a few people with this problem.

Now you will see the title of this article is ‘how to treat IBS’ and not ‘how to cure IBS’. The reason for this is because IBS is incurable as of yet so you can only treat the symptoms at the moment.

It was when I found forums that I came across potential treatments and advice for the problem. I came across many types of treatments, hypnosis, counselling, herbal and many more. There was a hypnosis program which had a high success rate and was even on the BBC site. Personally, I wasn’t fond of it. You can read up about it here, you may find it works for you!

For me, what worked was not the treatments people were talking about online, but advice. The one advice which was in hindsight the most helpful was ‘to be confident’. ‘Don’t be embarrassed’. ‘Go to the doctor and tell him/her the problem’.

I was 17 when I finally had the courage to go to my doctor and told him the problem. I couldn’t believe how easy it actually was to tell my doctor my problem. It wasn’t only going to help in terms of sorting out my problem, it boosted me psychologically also. It took a lot of weight off my shoulders finally sharing the problem I had. It was by far the best decision I took towards treating my IBS.

I told my doctor all the details. He knew what it was straight away and explained to me what exactly my problem was. He prescribed me with some medicine, which ever since, has changed my life for the better. He prescribed me with Loperamide Hydrochloric.

Since I have started taken these, I barely need the toilet after going in the morning, my stool is much more solid and I have a lot more control now. Also taking the medicine helps put my mind at ease as I know I have taken the tablets so I should be ok.

The loperamide hydrochloric I take is a stronger version of the off the shelf medicine Imodium which you may have seen advertised on television for use with diarrhea attacks.

So there is my story and the treatment that worked for me!

Take my advice, go see you’re doctor! It was the best thing I ever did! My life has been so much better since. If you are having the problems I had, then please go see you’re doctor because I know what you are going through! You never know, you’re doctor my have better treatment than mine!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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