How To Hide Files In The Samsung Galaxy S3

We all have sensitive data on our phone and want to keep it safe one way or another. One of the most effective ways on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is to hide the files. In this way, no one will even know the file exists as opposed to placing a pin or password on an app. So how do we do it?

Well first of all we need to make sure we have a file created. So go into My files and create you’re folder. Give it a name that you will recognise. You then need to put whatever data you want to hide into here. So for example if it was photos taken with you’re camera, you go into the DCIM folder, then Camera folder, select the photos and then move them in to the folder you created.

Now you have all the data in the folder. So here is the important bit. You are now going to rename the folder that you just created, but all you’re going to do is put a full stop (period for u Americanos!) at the beginning of the name. So for example if the folder was called Party, then rename it so that it is called .Party

You will now realise that the file has disappeared. Don’t worry! It is still there. It’s now just hidden.

Now by default on the Samsung Galaxy S3, hidden files are not shown. So if you want to now display hidden files, here’s what to do. Go into My Files, press the options button on you’re phone and select settings. Check the box that says ‘show hidden files’ and then press the back button.

You’re file that you created should now be displayed. Simples!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have done this trick, but when you use the defult USB connection (with out Samsung Kies) to connect to the PC, you are unable to view the Hidden folder. Yes my “show hidden file” option is activated on my PC, Im running Windows 7 btw.

    • In that case the best thing would be to unhide the file by renaming and removing the full stop at the beginning and then hiding again after you’ve finished.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    ur awesome !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank u very helpful!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pure awesomeness… Very helpful.

  6. Super Idea pals it really works

  7. Thanks for the help. Here’s another way though – I have an sd card. I put all my sensative files on there. Unmount it and mount it again when I want to access them.

  8. OMG I love you!! Thank you so much :) this has been giving me a headache all day

  9. thanks that was usefully

  10. Hey,

    how do i move the pictures from the camera folder to the new folder that i created?

    • Hi there. All you need to do is find the ‘My Files’ app on you’re phone. Go into that and then select ‘sdcard’. Then you will be able to find the folder ‘DCIM’. It is in this folder you will find the ‘Camera’ file and you’re pictures are stored in here. To copy, simply press the menu button and select the photos you would like to copy. Hope that helps!

  11. Charlieven says:

    The problem is with video files, even if I “hide” the file, it will still be presented in the video player app.

    • Thankyou for you’re message. I have just ‘hidden’ a video file and for me it does not come up in the video player app. Have you followed the instructions on the tutorial?

      • inowothemeans says:

        yea i know what he means. i used the above suggestions to hide some movie files and it originally work perfectly. but now, for some reason, even tho my setting options is on “dont show hidden files” the folder is still visible and accessible on the movie player but not in “my files”.
        i originally made the file and put stuff in it then made it hidden with .”name” and it worked but after i added more files it became visible in movie player.

        • inowothemeans says:

          hey bro, ive just solved it. funnily enough when i wrote the above comment it dawned on me.
          everytime you add files to your hidden folder it will become visible again in movie player. but if you rename the folder again after adding files it will dissapear. strange and annoying, but solved.
          i just went into a different file in movie player that is ok to have visible, turned on “show hidden files”, changed the file name to the same name but without the full stop, turned off “show hidden files” then renamed file to have the full stop and presto, the file dissapeared from “movie player”

  12. thakyou bro very usefull one

  13. Just having trouble working out how to create a new folder in the My Files section? Sorry if its a dumb question, I just cant work it out…

    • hi there britt. once you’re into the my files section and inside sdcard, or extSdcard if you want it on an external memory card, just press the menu button and select Creat folder. The menu button is the one left of the home button. Hope that helps.

  14. Hey there,

    thanks alot for your solution.Its really helpful.

  15. Works like charm

  16. can you hide apps using this method?

    • hi there. I don’t think apps can be hidden using this method. You can however password protect apps, for which you can find a tutorial on this site.

  17. This is super helpful! Thanks a bunch.

  18. Hi how4now,

    Thanks a lot. You made my day. I was almost going to download any app for my S3. But your solution is so neat. Thanks from India. :-)

  19. I knew it, since android is like Unix. This how you also hide files in Unix environment.

  20. Hi… i have a problem… i downloaded torrent file to my galaxy s3 and I can’t find that folder that i downloaded. It is not in downloads on sdcard, it is not in hidden files either… all I know it is taking memory 7.9gb. When i connect s3 to pc it is the sam problem. Can’t find or see that torrent file!!! Please help! Thank you very much!

    • Hi there Westen. I am unsure of this myself. May I ask what sort of file this is? If it is a multimedia file it may just be in the gallery. If not, when you go on the downloads app, there are 2 tabs, internet downloads and other downloads. Be sure to check both. Also expand the date range for downloads. Let me know if this helps.

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  23. Great! I did not know that this was so simple. Thanks a lot!

  24. YES YES YES YES ! It works and it’s great! I didn’t know it was so simple! Thank You for the information, It really helped!

  25. Onofrei Ovidiu says:

    Tnx man…it really worked!

  26. nathaniel says:

    i put the full stop in front of my album. The album was then hidden in the gallery. I then went to the “my files” app and enabled the show hidden files box. I still am unable to find the file. I looked in dcim in both the internal and external storage. the file is named .vault i also used astro to try and locate but still nothing


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