How To Password Protect Files On The Samsung Galaxy S3

We all have some stuff we rather some people not see on our phones. Whether it’s pictures of you doing stupid things at last week’s party or just family photos you want to keep private, we want some way of making sure not everyone sees them!

Now unfortunately many Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 do not come with a file password feature in built. However you can download an app which will do all the work for you. The most popular app for this at the moment is Perfect App Protector. This can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, now known as Play Store.

Update: I have now found an even better app than Perfect App Protector. It’s called App Lock by DoMobile Labs. It overcomes all the hiccups found with Perfect App Protector, such as Perfect App Protector closing down when you end all tasks. So go ahead to Play Store and search for App Lock, it should appear at the top of the results. The functionality of both apps is very similar though.

Now with this app, you can protect any app that takes you’re fancy! Within the app, all you need to do is add the applications you would like to the protect list. It’s really simple and you can learn how to use it within a matter of minutes. You have the option of unlocking an app by password, pin or even pattern.

What’s great is all the extras that the app comes with. Such as the hoax fingerprint scanner to fool you’re friends, screen dimming feature when you’re password is required etc. The app has been well developed and there are no glitches like many other app protectors out there. Many other app protectors are limited to as to what they can protect.

But here’s the only problem with this app. Perfect App Protector app itself must be running at all times for apps to be protected. Now this of course is using up you’re battery and also you’re phones RAM so performance will not be optimal.

So if you were to clear you’re RAM, i.e end all applications, then Perfect App Protector app itself would close and none of you’re apps will be protected. Of course you could just start up the protector app again but this could become a bit of annoyance after a few times.

So what’s the solution? Another way to protect you’re files is by hiding them. See the tutorial below on how that is done.

How To Hide Files In The Samsung Galaxy S3

Having said that, Perfect App Protector really is a great tool and definitely the best out there for protecting apps.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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