How To Screen Capture On A Samung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally out and what a great gadget it is. It is a super fast phone with many functions available. There are many functions which are available which are also available on older phones. But the difference is the innovative ideas on how to perform these functions. One of those particular function is screen capture.

The way you screen capture is quicker, easier and much¬†more fun than the Samsung Galaxy S3’s predecessors! All it takes is one quick swipe. Yes, literally a swipe!

So the first step is to get on the screen what you would like to screen capture. Then, using the side of you’re hand, simply swipe from the left side of the screen to the right. It’s a simple as that! You should see a flash follow shortly after in the same direction¬†Watch the short video below on how it’s done.

Now there is also an alternative method you can use. This is simply pressing the power button and the home button simultaneously. When you do this, the screen will flash to indicate that you have captured the screen. A small preview will be shown and it will be in you’re notification bar that you have successfully captured the screen.
Ok so there you go. That’s how you screen capture on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Hope that helped. Thanks for reading!

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