How To Track Data Usage On The Samsung Galaxy S3

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 being a high end phone and still quite new to the market, it is obvious that it will be a little expensive. That’s where the problem comes in, the high price of the tariffs that are available.

It is quite difficult to find the balance between a tariff that is affordable and that gives good data allowance. So most people are are on a tariff where their data usage is limited.

So how can you track how much data you are using?

Luckily the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a data usage tracker built in. This is very useful in that you can check it from time to time to see how close you are to you’re data limit. You of course won’t want to go over the limit as the extra charges can be quite high.

So where is it?

All you have to do is from the home screen, press the menu button and navigate to settings. Then go into Data usage. Here you set you’re cycle, of the dates between which you would like to track the data.

This would be the date on which you’re allowance renews each month. Once set, the phone will track data between this date of each month. Another nifty trick you have at you’re disposal is that you can keep you’re data on and the phone will automatically switch it off once you have reached you’re limit. Handy!

So there you go, that’s how you can track data usage on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Tahnks for reading, hope it helped!


  1. the problem is, providers these days not charge on the first date of the month, but on the data you started their contract with them…

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