How To Allow Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data transferred from a website and stored in you’re browser whilst you are surfing a site. When a user returns to the website in future, the cookie is retrieved by the website to notify the site of the user’s previous activity.

Now you maybe trying to allow cookies because a particular website will not allow you to surf it without having cookies enabled. Or you may just want to enable for other reasons. Whatever the reason, let’s get to the bottom of how you can enable cookies.

Now it may be that you’re cookies are enabled, it is just that they are set to a security level which restricts certain ‘parties’ from gaining information about the site visitor which is you.

To get to the settings, it depends on which browser you are using. So let’s do it for Internet Explorer to begin with.

I am currently running the latest version IE, which is IE9. In the top right corner, click the Tools icon. From the drop down list, select Internet Options.

From the tabs, select Privacy. You should have this displayed on you’re screen now:

Now here you can see you can adjust the setting for the level of security for you’re cookies. My recommendation would be to not go any lower than the Medium setting which can be seen in the above image.

Now if a website is not allowing you to surf at this setting, and you are completely sure it is safe, then you can lower the setting using the scroller seen above. But you should re-adjust the setting once you’re finished with the site, back to atleast Medium.

Now in Mozilla Firefox, here is how to enable cookies. Note I am using the latest version which is 12.0

Click on the Firefox button in the top left of the Firefox window. From the drop down menu, select Options. From the tabs, select the Privacy tab. You should have this on you’re screen:

Now set ‘Firefox will’ to ‘Use customs settings for history’. Ensure the box next to ‘Accept cookies from sites is’ ticked. Click OK and you’re done! For older versions of Firefox, you can usually get to this menu by clicking the Tools button at the top of the window and selecting Options from the drop down list.

Finally then, how to allow cookies in Google Chrome.

In the browser window, click the settings icon in top right. From the drop down list, select Settings.

At the bottom, click ‘Show advanced settings’. Under Privacy, select Content settings…

You should now have this on you’re screen


All you need to do now is under Cookies, select ‘Allow local data to be set’. Click OK. Done!

So there you go, that’s how to allow cookies in various browsers.

Thanks for visiting, hope it helped!

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