How To Boil An Egg

Seriously? You don’t know how to boil an egg? I joke! In fact, boiling an egg is not as simple as most people think. There are many things you should be aware of, otherwise it could go horribly wrong!

First of all, never put eggs from the fridge straight into boiling water. What will happen is the egg will just end up cracking. Then you’re just left with…eggy water.

It’s the sudden change in temperature which puts the egg shell under pressure and cause it to burst.Many people place the eggs in cool water, and slowly bring the water to a boil. However, I personally get the water simmering and then place the eggs in. I think the most important point here is that opposites don’t go well together, cold eggs and hot water don’t mix!

Ok so now you’ve placed the eggs in. Bring the water to a boil. I get the water boiling fairly quickly because the egg can start cooking even when the water is not boiling but warm which can make timing difficult. Speaking of the devil, moving on to arguably the most important part, timing.

How To Boil An Egg

 Got ‘egg and soldier’s on you’re mind? Then you’re of course going to want the beautiful runny yolk on the inside. For this, you need to leave the eggs boiling for 6 minutes. 6 minutes works perfectly for me so why shouldn’t it for you!

If you’re wanting hard boiled eggs all the way through, you’re going to want to boil the eggs for a total of 9 minutes. An effective way to ensure they do hard boil all the way through is to place them in cold water straight after.

The general rule of thumb for eggs and timing:
 3 minutes = Very soft where the yolk is runny and white has just set
4 minutes = Soft where the yolk is less runny and white has fully set
6 minutes = Almost hard boiled where the yolk is starting to set
8-9 minutes = Hard boiled

Now the eggs are ready. All you need to do now is lightly bash away at the top of the egg with a spoon, crack the shell and peel away. Slice off the top of the egg and unveil the yolk. Then just dip in!

So that’s pretty much it.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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