How To Change You’re Hotmail Password

Changing you’re hotmail password is actually very easy to do…that is if you know where to look. It used to take me ages to figure how to do it a few years ago as I had no idea where to look. But now, it’s a breeze!
When you first login to you’re hotmail account, at the top right should be you’re account name. What you need to do is hover over the name, and from the drop down list that appears, click on ‘Options’. Check the image below:
Once you have clicked Options, you will see a section named Password & security info. Here you will see the option ‘Change password’. Click on this.

From here, it is pretty much self explanatory. Just enter you’re old password and input you’re new password. Click Save and you’re done. Simples!

Well that’s how to change you’re hotmail password.

Thanks for visiting the site, hope it helped!

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