How To Edit A PDF File

When I first needed to edit a PDF file, the headache I went through to finally be able to edit the file was hectic. With sites offering ‘free software’ which ended up being trials with limitations and tutorials giving me the most long winded methods, it turned out to be a long day.

So what are the simple methods?

My assumption is that you probably just want to do some basic editing. Maybe edit the text, movc an image around. If that is the case, then this tutorial is right for you. I’m going to go through the simple ways of editing a pdf file. So let’s start!

In my opinion, the best way to edit a pdf file is to convert it. Convert the pdf file into a Word document. You can then do you’re editing in the word document. Once you have finished, you can then convert the word document back into a PDF file, if needed. So how do we do this?

Head over to the following site:

All you have to do here is upload the PDF file. The site will then convert the file and then you can download it. After you have downloaded and edited the file, you can now convert the file back into a PDF. The site looks like this:

On the same site above, you will see a drop down menu which reads ‘PDF to Word’. From this menu, select ‘Doc to PDF’. This basically takes you to another site which is:

This site looks like this:

All you have to do here is the same thing you did with the PDF file. You’re just going to upload the Word file which you just edited. The site will then convert it into a PDF file and you can download it straight from there. Done!

So that’s one method you can use.

Ok so onto the next method. I have to say I do like this method but, maybe it’s because i’ve not used it much, I think is second best as it seems to have some editing limitations. This method involves you uploading you’re PDF to a site and actually editing it on the site. You can then download the newly edited PDF once you’re finished. You can do this on the following site:

It looks like this:

You can add text, add images as well as a few other things. I mentioned limitations, and what I meant was you can’t seem to edit the actual text already on the PDF. Whether that’s down to me missing something or you in actual fact can’t edit the text at all I’m not sure. But if you know better then please do leave a comment!

Having said that, PDFescape is a great platform for creating and editing PDF files.

Moving on to the final method. The software method.

Believe me, it’s a nightmare trying to find good software to edit a PDF. After downloading so many and then realising they were trials or had watermarks and all the other malarky, I could have jumped off a mountain I was that cheesed off. Luckily for you, I did find one eventually.

This software is free and does not have all these limitations and what not luckily. It’s also great for users who edit PDFs regularly and for those who don’t always have access to the internet. So you can edit PDFs whenever you like with the software. It’s called eXPert PDF reader. It has great editing features on it such as adding text and highlighting and is just as good as the paid softwares out there, if not better. You can download it here:

So there you go, that’s how you can edit a pdf document.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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