How To Change You’re Name On Facebook

You may want to change you’re name on Facebook to something else. Maybe you’re surname has changed. Or you want to add a nickname in there. Whatever it is, this tutorial will hopefully aid you in changing you’re Facebook name.

Ok, when you are logged, in the top right you will an arrow. When this arrow is clicked, a drop down list appears, and from this you need to click on Account Settings.

Change Facebook Name

This will display you’re General Account Settings. Name is the setting you need to change so click on Edit.

Edit Facebook Name

And then finally you can edit you’re name here. You can also select whether you would like you’re name to be displayed normally or with you’re surname first and first name last. Once you have finished editing, just click Save Changes.

Save FB Name 

And that’s it. You’re done. The name change should be done within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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