How To Change You’re IP Address

An IP address is a sort of numerical label given to each device in a network using the Internet. It’s a kind of identity card…with out the card.

So you may want to change you’re IP address for whatever reason. Everything you do on the internet is associated with you’re IP address so you may be changing it as a safety precaution for example. Whatever the reason, let’s go through¬†some methods of changing you’re IP address.


The first and most common method is to unplug you’re modem. Keep it unplugged for around five minutes. This is usually enough so that when you switch it back on, you are administered with a new IP address. If this does not work, then leaving it unplugged for around 6-7 hours overnight has been successful for many people.

Command Prompt

This is my favourite method as I feel like some great networker using command prompt…

So to get command prompt open, in the latest Windows, press Start, type in cmd and press enter. If you’re on the older version, then press Start, Click on Run, type in cmd and then press enter.

In command prompt, first of all type the following and press enter: ipconfig/release

This will release you’re current IP. Now type the following: ipconfig/renew

This will now give you a new IP address for you’re device. It should look something like this on command prompt:

change ip address

And that’s it. You now¬†have a new IP address.

So there’s a couple of ways in which you can change you’re IP address.

Thanks for reading, let us know in the comments section if it worked!

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