How To Create A Facebook Page

Facebook pages are being created at lightning speed these days. When you create a Facebook page, thanks to the new ‘liking system’, it doesn’t take long for a page to start receiving thousands of likes.

So you want to create a Facebook page? You’re probably here because you can’t find the damn create a page button! First of all log in to you’re account. Then at the bottom left of you’re screen, you will see a Create a Page… link. Click on that.

Create Facebook Page

Once you have clicked that link, it will take you to a page where you simply need to choose which category you’re page will fall into.

Facebook Page Categories

Once you click one of the categories, all you need to do then is fill in a few details of the page and then you’re done! 

If you have already created a page and are wanting to create another one, then the Create a Page… link will not be there at the bottom left of the page. You will have to navigate to one of the pages you have already created and the link will be on the right hand side like so:

Create Another Facebook Page

And that’s it. Done.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped! 

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