How To Move Custom Domain Blogger Blog To WordPress

When I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, it  was a nightmare as I could barely find any tutorials to assist me. That’s why I decided to make one after i figured it all out, fifty years later…

Blogger is a great interface. For newbies, it’s excellent. However as time goes on, you realise there isn’t much flexibility on Blogger. On WordPress, the sky is the limit! That’s why I eventually moved. But the problem was, I had a custom domain Blogger blog, how on earth was I supposed to move this!

 This tutorial might be slightly lengthy so go and get you’re cup of coffee or tea before we start! I’m assuming also to a large extent, this tutorial can be used to move any custom domain blog to WordPress.

Now I’m going to naively assume that you have already got some hosting and a theme set up. If not, then for hosting I would recommend Bluehost. They are a great hosting service, with whom I’ve never had a problem with. What I like about them the most is that they give you pretty much no limits on everything, domain hosting, webspace etc. Their pricing is also moderate. If you would like to sign up to them, then my affiliate link is below.


The first thing we need to do is point our domain to our new webhost. Google does their domain dealing through eNom. So we need to sign in to eNom. But before we can do that, we need to get our login details. You need to type in you’re address bar:

replacing with you’re actual domain. This will take you to you’re Google Apps login page. If you can remember you’re login details, great! If not just click on the can’t access your account link below the login space and go through the steps to retrieve you’re password.

So you’re now logged in to you’re Google cPanel. You now need to navigate to the Domain settings tab.

How To Move Custom Domain Blogger Blog To WordPress

Once you’ve clicked this, navigate to the  Domain names sub-tab. This is where you need to click the Advanced DNS settings link.

Change Advanced DNS Settings


When you click the link, this takes you to a page displaying you’re username and password, so no, I’m not taking a screenshot!

So once you’ve noted down you’re username and password, click the Sign in to DNS console link which will take you to eNom’s login page. When you login, you will be presented with a rather simple settings page. We need the DNS Information section. We need to input the Domain name servers of the Webhost we are using. I am using Bluehost, so mine can be seen on the following screenshot. If you are using a different provider, there will be information on you’re host’s site about how to obtain the Domain Name Servers.

Change DNS Information

So just click Edit and input you’re Domain Name Servers. Once this is done, the change will be in process, the propagation period. This takes around 24 hours, so don’t expect to be able to login to you’re WordPress login immediately.

Ok so when eventually can log in, we moved on to the next phase. Again, I’m assuming you have already installed WordPress. If not, just log in to you’re cPanel and install it through Fantastico or Simple Scripts. 

What we need to do now is head over to Blogger to do a few things before we cant start importing, the first thing being backing up our blog, you know, just in case things begin to go pear shaped…

Back Up Blogger

 So that’s Settings>Other>Export blog and save you’re site template to you’re machine. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Now we need to to reset our blog’s address back to format because we cannot import anything without doing this. So now in Settings, we need to go to Basic, find the Publishing section and remove the Custom domain by clicking the cross in the top right…

Remove Custom

Click OK to the prompt that comes up after.

Now we need to head back over to WordPress and finally start doing some moving. Login to you’re WordPress Dashboard and under Tools, select Import. You will be presented with a number of systems from which you can import. Select Blogger and this will take you to you’re login where you will need to grant access to WordPress.

WordPress Blog Importer

Once you have granted access, you’re blogs will be displayed. Select the one which you would like to import by hitting The Magic Button. This will start to import all the posts and comments from you’re blog.

Magic Button

We will now proceed to change the permalinks in WordPress so that they match the URL structure of Blogger. This will ensure you don’t lose any backlinks you may have to the website or even search engine rankings.

Navigate to Settings and then click on Permalinks. Select Custom Structure and input this:  /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html 

Change WordPress Permalinks

We now need to fix the permalinks of the posts we have just imported. There is a plugin available for this thanks to Justin from Click through to the following site and follow the instruction in the bottom left hand box. With this plugin, you can fix you’re permalinks at the click of a button.

Ok so once that’s done, we need to head back over to Blogger for one last time. We’re basically going to reverse what we did with the domain redirect. Where we changed the domain back to the default setting, we will now switch that back to our custom domain.

So on you’re Blogger dashboard, navigate through Settings>Basic and get to the Publishing section. Click on Add+ a custom domain. Then click on Switch to advanced settings. Input you’re domain here.

Set Custom Blogger Domain 

All that’s left now is that we need to stop searche engines finding you’re Blogger blog. Otherwise, you’re sites will be flagged as duplicate content and that  will affect you’re rankings drastically.

So in Blogger, navigate to Settings>Basic. Under Privacy you need to select no for both options.

Switch Off Search Engines

After you’ve done this, just ensure that on WordPress you have set it so search engines can find you’re blog. On you’re WordPress dashboard, go to Settings>Privacy and select I would like my blog visible to everyone.

And that’s pretty much it. All done. I did say long tutorial! Leave me a comment to let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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