How To Become a Police Officer

How To Become A Police Officer

A career in law enforcement is both rewarding and challenging. Because of the immense respect that a police officer receives from civilians, many youths want to enter in this field. Many of them start at a very young age while others decide later in life. Becoming a police officer is not a simple job and requires a person to go through numerous steps which are highly competitive. Protecting citizens and fighting against the crime are the major duties of these professionals. They might have to work for 24 hours during emergencies, so their lives can be stressful sometimes. It is a profession that needs strong sense of duty and high level of dedication.

A person needs to fulfill lots of prerequisites before they can become a police officer. He/she should possess the spirit to fight against injustice and serve the country. Strong will and determination to wipe out crime from the nation is also essential.

High school degree is the minimum requirement to enter in this field. However, a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree is preferable. These days, different criminal justice programs are being offered by many colleges. Such programs are concentrated on the knowledge about legal matters, human behavior, information systems, and various other matters which are helpful for a police officer to carry out his duties and responsibilities. The chances of being selected as a police officer becomes higher when you have taken advanced educational programs.

A police officer must be physically and mentally fit.  Regular exercise and outdoor sports are very beneficial for a person who is applying for this job. All the applicants need to go through physical tests which assess strength, hearing capabilities, eyesight and other elements. Additionally, there are low chances of persons being selected who have record of drug convictions, violation of traffic rules, etc. So, stay away from illegal activities if you wish to become a police officer.

The police department administers the civil service assessment of all the applicants. This is not a great thing to worry as you can easily get an acceptable score after reading study guides available in the market. This exam is offered by the departments whenever it has openings. Once you pass the physical examination, you need to take and pass the lie detector test where a series of interviews are taken by the officials. After that you’ll be sent for training ranging from 3 months to 1 year in the police academy. This training involves different physical exercises that will prepare you for the job of a policeman.

It is essential for police officers to upgrade their knowledge regarding new legal processes and laws from time to time. The rules for applying for the job in police department may differ from one state to another.

The demand for police officials are increasing day by day with the increasing number of crimes all over. It takes a long time and lengthy process to become a police officer, but you will know how satisfying it is when you become one.

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