How To Create An Anchor Link / Jump Link In WordPress

Anchor links, also known as jump links and jump breaks, are extremely effective in improving the ease of use of you’re website. They are convenient on pages/posts with a lot of content, where a user may want to read just a specific part nearer the bottom of the page for example.

Now there are many ways of creating these links, such as plugins and code, but I’m going to show you the simple method I use.

You need two buttons on you’re post editing portal. These are the hyperlink button and the anchor link button:

Create An Anchor Link In WordPress

I use the TinyMCE plugin which allows me to add extra buttons such as the anchor link button so a nice bit of help there!

Now the buttons are ready, this is how you go about doing the linking.

Find the text you will be linking to or ‘jumping to’. So this maybe something down the page a bit. Highlight the text. When the text has been highlighted, then click the anchor link button. You then need type in a name for that anchor link, remember the name as you will need it later! You can’t have any spaces though and it must be letters or numbers only:

Insert Anchor Text WordPress

Once you have chosen you’re anchor name, just click Insert.

Now you’re going to want to create a hyperlink to that anchor link. So this is likely going to be towards the top of the page. Find the text you would like to link to the anchor text. Highlight it and click the hyperlink button.

Now this is the important bit. First you need to copy the Permalink from under you’re title section, or if you’re post is already published, easily copy the url from you’re site itself. You then need to add a # after the url, followed by the name of the anchor tag you just created:

Jump Links WordPress

Once everything has been entered, just click Add Link. That’s all done! 


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