How To End A Task On The Samsung Galaxy S3

So you’ve got the Samsung Galaxys S3. It’s an amazing phone no doubt. But how on earth do you end tasks on it?

Now with the other Galaxys’, it was quite simple. You could just add the power management control widget and easily end all tasks from there. However there seems to be no in-built widget on the Galaxy S3.

There possibly are widgets/apps available for download on Play Store but I don’t understand why there just isn’t the normal widget built in!

Anyhow, so how do we get to the task manager? It’s actually nice and simple, but not as simple as a widget on the homescreen!

All you need to do is keep hold of the homescreen. When you do this, on the bottom left of you’re screen will appear the Task manager button:

End A Task On Galaxy S3

When you press the button, all you’re active tasks will be displayed. From there you can end any or all of the tasks you wish. All done!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped! 

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