How To Use Flash With Camera When Battery Low On Samsung Galaxy S3

So I was in a situation where I just had to film the scene. It was dark, so I definitely needed the flash. I popped out my Samsung Galaxy S3, switched on the camera and boom! A message popped up saying flash was disabled as my battery was low.

There was no point in recording as you could hardly see anything. So I switched off the camera. The phone returned to the homescreen. That’s when my eye caught the handy little Assistive light widget which comes with the phone. Funnily enough, a light bulb appeared in my head…

For those of you that don’t know about it, the Assistive light widget is basically using the camera flash without the camera. You can get it by pressing the applications button, select Widgets and you will find it there. Keep hold of it and place it anywhere on the homescreen.

How To Use Flash With Camera On Low Battery On Samsung Galaxy S3

So back to my dilemma. I thought the light would not come on, but I pressed the Assistive light button and viola! It came on, even though it didn’t when using the camera. Then I just had to hope it worked with the camera.

So I went back to the camera, and it let me shoot with the Assistive light in the background! Man I was thrilled. Thankyou so much Samsung for not noticing that.

So there you go, that’s how to use you’re flash on the Samsung Galaxy S3 when the battery is low.

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