How To Delete Friends On Facebook

Deleting facebook friends tutorials seem to get out dated very fast these days. That’s all thanks to Facebook changing the format of their site every other month. In some cases, Facebook obviously thinks that they are making things simpler, when in actual fact they maybe making things a little more complicated. Hence with the new timeline format, it can take some time before you work out how to delete friends!

Ok so how do we delete friends? First of all, you will need to head over to you’re own profile, so go ahead and click on you’re name:

 How To Delete Friends On Facebook

 You then need navigate to you’re Friends section:

Delete Facebook Friends

After clicking through, you will then be presented with all you’re Facebook friends. You then need to find the person you will be deleting. You need to hover you’re mouse over their name which will make their ‘profile card’ appear like so:

Delete FB Friends

The next step is to hover over the Friends buttons with a tick next to it which will reveal a drop down box. All you need to do now is click Unfriend which is at the bottom:

Unfriend Facebook

Once you click that, you will be asked if you are sure and then just click Remove from friends. Then you’re all done!

I’ve got no idea how long this tutorial will be valid for, so if it does not seem to make sense, it may be that Facebook has changed once again!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped! 

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