How To Create An Event On Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is a simple thing to do but also can be dangerous if not done properly! One of the most popular networking sites ever created, it constantly hits the headlines for new records. But it’s not just positive light on the site.

Just September (2012) last year in the Netherlands, a girl created a birthday event and sent out invites. However she forgot to mark the event as private so only her friends could see it. The result? Over 4,000 people turned up leading to riots in her own hometown. Told you it can be dangerous!

Right so how do you create a facebook event?

When you login, the first thing to do is look at the top right. Here you will see the Create event button, click it.


Create Event On Facebook

Create event button

When you click this, a box appears in which you need to fill in the details such as the name, place and date etc. It also has a Privacy level of the event which determines who will be able to see the invite. It can either be Public, Friends of Guests or Invite Only.

Create Event Facebook

Privacy Level

Public level would mean anyone would be able to see the invite and choose to attend. Friends of Guests would mean that anyone who is friends with people you inivite will be able to see the event. Invite Only is self explanatory in that only those you specifically invite will be able to see the event. 

After you have filled in the details, it’s just a simple case of hitting Create! All done!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!


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