How To Embed A YouTube Video Into PowerPoint

There are millions of videos on YouTube and there is bound to be one that you may need for a project or presentation. Since most presentations are done on Microsoft PowerPoint, I’m going to got through the steps to enable you to embed YouTube videos in a PowerpointPoint presentation.

I’m going to be using PowerPoint 2010 in this tutorial. Other versions follow the same principle.

Now it must be noted, YouTube is constantly changing so the screenshots and instructions may well be outdated by the time you read this. However, the basic method is just the same.

Another thing is that the uploader of the video on YouTube must have enabled the embed code of the video.

Right let’s get started!

First things first, go the page of the video you’re after on YouTube. Beneath the video, you need to find the Share button and click it.

How To Embed YouTube Videos In PowerPoint

Share Button

When you click this button, a few sub-tabs open up. Find the Embed tab and click it.

Embed YouTube Button

Embed Button

Clicking this button expands the tab and an embed code becomes visible with other options. Video size can be altered if you wish but this can be done in PowerPoint later on. However one thing is imperative, you must check the use old embed code option in order for the video to function in PowerPoint. The other options are up to you. Once you have checked the old embed code option, just copy the final embed code.

YouTube Embed Code

YouTube Embed Code

Once you have copied the code, head over to PowerPoint. When you are on the slide you wish to place the video on, in the top navigation bar select Insert, then select Video and then select Video from Web Site.

PowerPoint Video Embed

PowerPoint Video Insert

Clicking this brings up a box for you to insert the embed code. Simply insert the code into this box and click Insert.

Insert YouTube Embed Code In PowerPoint

Insert YouTube Embed Code In PowerPoint

Once you have clicked Insert, you will see that a black window appears which is the video. The size of the video can now be altered. Note the video will only play in Slide Show mode and you need to be connected to the internet for it to play. When in Slide Show mode, you’re video should look something like this:

Embedded Video In PowerPoint

Embedded Video In PowerPoint

There you have it. You’re YouTube video nicely embedded in you’re PowerPoint presentation.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!

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