How to Send your Tablet via Parcel during the Coming Months

If you need to send some gifts to friends and family located in far-flung destinations, then you will need to start thinking about how you are going to get your items delivered during the next few months.

One way of achieving this is by sending your present as a parcel. So let’s say you have bought a new tablet for one lucky member of your family. If you live in London and they live up north then you could send the item as a parcel in the post. If you are satisfied that this method would be suitable, then let’s look more in detail at how you can ensure your items are safely delivered on time. 



As you’re new tablet could have cost you anything from £120-£400, depending on the model you have purchased, you should have sufficient insurance in place when sending your package. With the amount of parcels being sent, unfortunately some may never arrive and others could potentially be damaged on their journey. Although this isn’t a common event, it can happen from time to time, so be sure to get insurance first.

If you are sending via a delivery company, such as a courier, then there is a chance that they will include insurance up to a certain amount as part of their service. Make sure you enquire about how much is provided and how much any additional cover will cost, before deciding whether it is sufficient or if you require paying more for protecting the tablet.

Delivery times

There might be a number of parcels being sent at this time of the year or there may also be events on in the location that you are looking to send to which could delay the sending process. As this is the case, to ensure successful delivery, make sure you send the tablet well in advance. Preparation is vital if you want your parcel to arrive at the right time, for a friend’s birthday for example, so be sure to give yourself enough time to send the parcel.

Safely packing your Items

If you’ve got insurance and you know when you are going to send your item, you then need to prepare your parcel. Place the tablet in its box, before placing it inside suitable packaging or another box for sending. Due to the number of parcels being sent, you want to protect your goods as best as you can and prevent any damage to the tablet and other parcels whilst in transit. Remember that if you pack and wrap the item correctly, you will keep your items safe, as well as the other parcels too.

Get insurance if you need it, send well in advance and make sure you protect the item with suitable packaging before posting a tablet to a loved one over the coming months.      


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