How To Delete Cookies

As may already know, a cookie is a piece of data which has been sent from a site and then stored in you’re web browser. When you visit the site again in future, the website retrieves the cookie to see how you’re activity was the last time you visited. Some monitor you’re activity to make things easier for you next time round by altering a few things.

In my opinion, you should delete you’re cookies from time to time for security purposes, as you may have accidentally visited a harmful website, which now has a log of you’re activity and may exploit it if you happen to visit that site again.

I shall explain in this tutorial how to delete cookies in the popular web browsers.

Delete Cookies In Internet Explorer

So let’s start with Internet Explorer. I have Internet Explorer 9 installed on my system and will be using that version as an example.

In the top right of the window, click the Tools button, then hover the cursor over Safety and then click Delete browsing history:

How To Delete Cookies

 This brings up a box with a check list of various things you can delete such as passwords, form data and of course cookies. Just ensure cookies is checked and then click Delete.

Delete Cookies Internet Explorer

All done!

Delete Cookies In Google Chrome

Moving on, how to delete cookies in Google Chrome.

Firstly, click on the Customisation button at the top right of the browser and from the list select Settings:

Delete Cookies Chrome

This will bring up a series of settings. Scroll right to the bottom until you see + Show advanced settings. Click this which will unveil a host of other settings. Under Privacy, click Content settings. This will open up a separate box. Click All cookies and site data in this box:

cookies and site data


This brings up the stored cookies in the browser. You can either remove all the cookies, or specific ones by clicking on them and then clicking the cross:

delete cookies

Once you’re done deleting, just OK you’re way out of there! Done!

Delete Cookies In Mozilla Firefox

Last but not least, how to delete cookies on Mozilla FireFox.

On the top left of the browser, click the Firefox button, from the menu, click the Options button. A separate box will open up with various tabs, click the Privacy tab. You should now have this on you’re screen:

Delete Cookies Firefox

 From the drop down box next to where it says Firefox will:, select Use custom settings for history. This will bring up a different set of settings. Select the Show cookies button and from there you can delete all or specific cookies:

Remove Cookies Firefox


OK you’re way out after removing. Done and dusted.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!


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