How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense – Proof

I have been making a small amount of money with Google Adsense from this site and thought to myself, why not give tips to others on how they can earn an income online with the help of adsense? Grab a cuppa because this is going to be long one!

Be Wary

People are constantly trying to make money online, spending thousands of dollars on programs promising riches and wealth which ends with an unhappy customer still trying to make their first dollar online. It’s a really sad story, because you have people out their looking for a genuine method of income to support themselves and family and yet on the other hand you have greedy wolves capitalising on this, creating programs that promise you riches in weeks. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely programs out there which work, but trust me there is no ‘get rich quick’ method out there.

It all comes down to you. What you put in is what you get. Don’t expect to buy a make money program for $50 which will outline a method for you to make a million dollars in 6 weeks. It just doesn’t happen! Ask yourself, if you really could make that money from these programs, then why do they mostly sell for less than a 100 dollars? Moreover, why would these people even share these methods if they were making these millions?

A lot of these programs, once bought, expect you to buy further things once you’ve been hooked in, citing that they are essential for you to succeed even quicker. An honest internet marketer tells you everything upfront about their program, not surprise you with more stuff you need to buy after.

Like I said, there are a select few programs out there released by honest internet marketers. But they are needles in a haystack. Before jumping into a make money program, just ensure you find honest reviews on the product.

Let me share a secret with you. You can make a good income online for free. Yes free, barring some start-up costs such as domains and hosting. You can make some money online without buying these programs. There’s tonnes of free material out there to help you. Adsense is a prime example of a free way of earning some cash online! That’s why I’m writing this post.

The reason for this aggressive tone is to get across the message that the make money online industry is full of scammers and greedy marketers. You need to be aware of them and not fall for their traps. Honest internet marketers are difficult to find. When you do find honest marketers, you will realise they all give you the same message. Making money online is not easy and takes time. It all comes down to how much effort you put in. It can take years before you see a healthy income from the various earning methods online.

Ok, rant over! Let’s move on.

So what is Google adsense? Google adsense is a free program where ads are placed on you’re site, in the sidebar for example. It is a simple, unintrusive method of monetizing you’re traffic. These ads are relevant to the post or pages of you’re website. Every time a user clicks on these ads, you make some money. Easy as that! Or is it?

The amount of money you earn per click is not fixed. It varies a lot. You can typically earn from 1 cent to $15 per click, but it is rarely over $2.00. It all depends on what adverts are displayed. If it is a competitive market, credit ratings for example, publishers will pay more for their adverts to be displayed meaning you will earn more per click. Therefore earnings with Google adsense are highly variable.

Adsense earnings typically depend on traffic. To make a decent income solely from adsense, which can be done but unlikely unless you are running a number of successful sites or even one very successful site, you need a truckload of traffic. I say this because on average, out of 100 visitors that visit you’re website, only 1 will click an ad. For that click you may only earn  $1. In other words, you will need 10 000 visitors to make $100. In order to attract that much traffic, you need a very good site. This brings me nicely on to my next set of helpful pointers.


A difficult decision to make is the topic of you’re website. But it doesn’t have to be a tough decision. Make a website about something you enjoy, something you would love writing about. You don’t want to publish a website, only to find yourself bored out of you’re brains 2 posts in. Seriously, it’s not good and there is an increased chance of you giving up earlier because you can’t be bothered writing anymore.

It was an easy decision for me, how to tutorials. Helpful tutorials for people, with hopefully rewarding feedback. That’s what I wanted, a site where I know I have helped someone. But it’s not just me! There are many authors of this site, who are writing tutorials all the time to help out the online community.

I haven’t written many tutorials on here, but of the few I have, I’ve loved writing them. That’s the important part. Me enjoying myself, then reaping the benefits at the same time. I’ve not expected millions or a healthy income straight off the bat. This slightly ‘pessimistic’ approach has helped. The rewards are getting better as the days go along and the site slowly grows. This mindset is critical for a person to succeed online in my opinion. is relatively new and still in it’s infancy. As you can see, it is a general tutorial site so there are many categories. This is what you should also aim for, a generic site. In the internet marketing world they are known as authority sites.

For example, if you love writing about cars, you may create a site about a particular car company that you love. What you wouldn’t do is create a site about just one model, Lamborghini Gallardo for example. You would have limited things to write about and you would reach a saturation point very early on. You would create a more generic site about the Lamborghini company as a whole for example, which leaves you with many models and associated things to talk about.

Where to create you’re site is another question and a very important one. For me it is hands down on You need hosting and a domain for this which I will talk about in just a sec. The WordPress platform is so easy to use and the freedom available is excellent. It has many ready to use templates and can be installed at the touch of a button. Blogger is another option and very good for beginners, but the lack of freedom means most people migrate to WordPress sooner or later.

Hosting and a domain is needed. For me the best and most reliable company is bluehost. I have been with them for a number of years now and I have never had any trouble with them. They give you pretty much unlimited caps on everything and even a free domain. You can find a link to them in the right side bar under ‘Our Sponsors’.

Once you have obtained hosting and a domain, you can usually install the WordPress platform straight from you’re cPanel. Of course, you don’t have to use WordPress if you know how to build a site yourself, however most do because of the flexibility and thousands of addons/plugins you can get.

The look of you’re site is also important. You can see I’m using a rather attractive theme if I may say so myself! These things matter as a shabby looking site turns away users straight away and may not even bother reading you’re content, consequently not clicking any ads. WordPress has a huge range of free themes available and definitely are good! But if you want visitors to bookmark you’re site and have a good look around after they have finished reading, you want a great looking site! I got my site template from StudioPress. You can find a link to them under ‘Our Sponsors’ on the right.

How to effectively place ads on you’re site to improve you’re clickthrough rate is another topic and I may make a separate tutorial on this at a later date.


So you can see that earnings from adsense will not give you an income that will allow you to quit you’re job, but rather an income that will HELP quit you’re job. This means that it is just one of the income streams available. In combination with other income streams you can utilise, you really can make a good bit of money on pretty much autopilot once you’re site is established.

For me adsense is great. It basically pays for my domain and hosting, in fact a lot more. It’s good pocket money and better than nothing! It’s something you should have set up on you’re website from the beginning and is a great way of seeing how you’re website improves with time.

Proof of Earnings

For the skeptics out there, here is my most recent cheque for a months earnings. Not a lot but better than nothing! P.S my site is relatively new so not bad!


Make Money Online Google Adsense

Sensitive details blacked out of course!

That’s the basics to making money online with adsense. To get started, head over to and create an account.

If you have any questions at all, drop me a comment.

I know I’ve probably missed a few things out but I’ll edit the post in future if they become apparent.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of the post.

Thanks for reading, howpe it helped!

About Kasim Mahmood

My name is Kasim and I am the founder of how4now. 21 years old and from Manchester, England. Love helping others through my tutorials!


  1. HI Kasim,

    It’s definitely possible to make money online with Google Adsense although I prefer affiliate marketing. I guess it all depends upon the type of site and also your preferences.

    The world is becoming a global village and you can now have customers from anywhere on this planet. I believe that we need time and hard work to generate a substantial online income. It does not come overnight. The harder we work, the earlier the possibility to make money. We should not jump into it thinking we’ll be a millionaire the next day. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

    • Absolutely Shanna, could not have put it better myself. Affiliate marketing definitely is one of the best ways of earning online. Adsense is just one of the small income streams that makes up the many ways to earn online, utilising as many income streams as possible is difficult but definitely worth it in the end.

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