How To Recover Deleted Files On You’re Computer

We’ve all done it before, deleted something, only to have a heart in the mouth moment when we’ve realised we just deleted an important file.

In most cases, we’re talking about family photos that have been deleted by accident and unfortunately there is no undo button.

In my personal case, I learnt a valuable lesson. I was moving family images from my phone to my computer. However the mistake I made was I cut and paste them.

After I had pasted the files, I was astonished to find that they had not been pasted. As I had ‘cut’ them, they were also no longer in the original file in the phone. They had disappeared. Panic set in.

I tried pressing Ctrl+Z, looking for undo buttons but all to no avail.

I then spent the next hour and a half on the internet looking for ways to get my precious files back. Reading through suggestions on forums, downloading various programs, I was getting nowhere.

The one lesson that was being taught on the forums was always ‘copy+paste’, never ‘cut+paste’ when transferring files because sometimes things go wrong but if you only copied, then the original files are still there!

Anyhow, after what felt like a lifetime searching, I finally found a piece of software that let me recover my deleted files!

The software is called EaseUs Data Recovery and can be downloaded for free here:

After you have downloaded and installed the software, follow these instructions.

Run the software and select Deleted File Recovery:

Deleted File Recovery 

 You will then be presented with a list of check-boxes containing the file formats you would like to recover. Select the file types you are trying to recover:

Recover Deleted Files

The next screen shows the hard drives available to scan. For most of us, the C drive is what we want to scan so select that:

Recover Files From Cut and Paste

Once you click next, the program will then initiate to scan the hard drive for the missing files. Now this can take up to 4 hours however in my experience, if the files have only been lost recently, then you can cancel the scan after around 15 minutes and then search through what has been retrieved.

After the scan, the files the scan has manage to retrieve will be displayed like so:

How To Recover Deleted Files

The scan is very thorough and picks up many files. All you need to do now is go through the files and see if the particular files you’re after are there. If they had distinct file names then that will help immensely!

You can right click on the files and preview them.

After you have found the correct files, select the check box and then click on recover. Then you’re all done.

And that’s how to recover lost files on you’re computer!

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