How To Check PC Specs On Windows 7

You might need to in some circumstances find out what type of processor your computer has or what type of system, for example 32 bit or 64 bit, you are running.

This kind of information is important for when you are wanting to install certain software. In order to retrieve the information you need to do the following:

Head over on your desktop and navigate to Start

start button

You then need to right click on Computer and select Properties:

my computer and properties

This will then display all the information about your computer and the system that you are currently running:

computer specs

Now you have displayed on your screen detailed information about your device.  Useful info such as the system type, ram, manufacturer and model of your device.

You can also see the name of your computer and this is the name others will see when you are on shared networks.

That’s how you check the specs on a Windows 7 device. Easy as that!

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