How To Hide Items In The Gallery On A Samsung Galaxy S3

There are a number of ways you can go about hiding items in your gallery. This tutorial shows you a very simple method for quick hiding. For a more effective way to hide files on your Galaxy S device check this tutorial.

This tutorial is specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but should be compatible with other phones in the series such as the S4 and S5.

Ok let’s get hiding those family photos you don’t want others to see or those photos from last night’s party! Navigate to your gallery and select the options button which is indicated below(note you need to be in your gallery which is not the case in the image below):

Options button samsung galaxy s3
From the options then select Select item which will give the option to check boxes on gallery items:

Select Item Samsung Galaxy

Then go ahead and select which images you would like to hide and then select Hide items:

Select Hide Items Gallery
The selected files will now be hidden. To display the hidden items, from the options select Show hidden items:

Show Hidden Items

Now your hidden items are displayed on the screen:

Hidden Items Displayed Galaxy S

And that is how you can easily hide items on your Samsung Galaxy S Device!

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