How to Recover Lost Partitions on Windows 8 Using Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software

Even though the hard drives are major sources of data storage, you cannot be reliant on them when it comes to data security. In fact, storing your data on a hard drive with no backup may not be in your favor, as data loss events may encounter at any time. Therefore, I suggest keeping a recent backup of all your crucial files at a secure location, aiming for data restore if the original files are no longer available or accessible.

When we talk about data backup, the process involves a utility that can back up all or selected files on a targeted drive. The backup utility must be smart enough to do the intended job automatically, once it is configured. In fact, the process does not have any involvement of the user. However, most users prefer manual backup strategy, which involves backing up the individual files on an external drive, which is an inefficient as well as a time-consuming task.

Data Loss Scenarios

A data loss situation is extremely painful when the lost files were damn important. In fact, based on the significance of the lost files, you may have to sacrifice your job as well. For instance, while working on your office project, your system goes power-down all of a sudden. When you turn it on after the power is available, you see the files fail to open. Every time you double-click a file to open it a pop-up, saying the file is corrupt, appears. A situation like this may cost you a lot, in case you fail to submit the concerned project within deadlines.

Getting one or more files deleted unintentionally also falls under the same category of losing data unknowingly. Do you wonder how can someone get his crucial files deleted unintentionally? Let me make you clear you on this. Imagine that a folder containing photos, taken on a recent vacation, has some blurred images in it. You see all the photos individually, and then decide to delete the ones that are blurred. You exit the preview, hold the Control key on the keyboard and select all the blurred images one by one, and then go for Shift + Del. Later, you realized that you deleted some images that are not supposed to be acted upon that way. Regretting on your action will not help you get those images back, but a data recovery software will surely do.

Partition Loss

Have you ever heard of someone losing a partition? Well, this could be another and the most deadly data loss scenario that someone can ever come across. The amounts of data lost in such a situation might be beyond imagination. Or you can say that nobody would dare to think about such a massive loss of crucial information. However, that does not mean the scenarios would not appear.

Losing a partition on Windows based computer can be deadly, in case the user does not know how to recover it. Although it is not possible to recover lost partition just like that, using an efficient partition recovery software can be helpful in such a case. The loss of a partition causes massive data loss, in case it is the boot partition of the hard drive. In fact, losing boot partition loss results in system inaccessibility. Thus, it becomes very important to get over this issue at the earliest.

Recover Lost Partitions

When it comes to recovering the lost partition(s) on Windows platform, Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software alleges to be the rescuer. The software proves its worth by recovering all the data followed by lost partition recovery. This Windows based recovery software enables you to scan the entire hard drive for lost or deleted partitions. The software supports recovery of FAT and NTFS file system based partitions. To help you to recover lost partition(s) easily and quickly, the software provides you with a separate “Click Here to Search Lost Volumes” option to search lost or deleted partitions on the hard drive. Once the deleted/lost partitions are recovered, scan them for data recovery. The following are the steps to recover lost partitions using this partition recovery software:

  1. Run Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software on your PC.
  2. On the home screen, click “Click Here to Search Lost Volumes” option under the Data Recovery tab.
  3. Select the hard drive installed on your PC, and then select option – Quick or Deep.

    Quick Scan – is a faster and recommended scan option.
    Deep Scan – is a slower, but efficient scan option. It gives better results.

  4. With the scan mode selected, click the ‘Search Lost Volume’ button in the air pane.

    Note: The software will thoroughly scan the entire hard drive for lost/deleted partitions. The time it takes is subject to the size of the hard drive.


  5. If the software fails to find the lost/deleted partitions, or you are not satisfied with the scan result, I suggest going for Raw Recovery option for recovery.


The Raw Recovery option performs a signature based scan on the selected drive. This option instructs the software to thoroughly scan the sectors of the hard drive for recovering the lost data. This option is helpful and recommended when the software fails to search lost partitions on the hard drive. Overall, this partition recovery software is efficient enough to recover lost partitions and the data subsequently.

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