Guidelines and Rules

We want you to write tutorials which are warming and pleasant to read. We want the reader to think they are being talked to by a person! Take a look at our existing tutorials and you’ll see what we mean!

We want you to write tutorials in the first person as this is the most effective way of coming across as a person.

Where suitable, we encourage users to implement screenshots or even short video clips to help users. Note these screenshots and short video clips must be original and only made for the purpose of the tutorial. They should not be copied from anywhere. However you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

You must use atleast one image in you’re post so that a featured image can be used. Again, this image must be original or royalty free.

For free of charge, royalty free images we recommend, for more sites with free of charge royalty free images, read this article:

No links must be placed anywhere inside the tutorial.

You may place up to 2 links in you’re author box. Use the following code to place contextual links in you’re author bio:
<a href=”url“>Link text</a>
replacing url with the url of what you are trying to link to and replace Link text with the word(s) you want to link with. For example:
<a href=””>how4now</a>

Tutorials must be unique. You may not copy any tutorials from anywhere online or by any other method. This includes spinning existing articles. Any users caught submitting unoriginal content will be removed from the database.

In terms of topics, you may post tutorials on any topic you wish, however it must be a tutorial for a specific task. What we mean by this is that it should not be a general tutorial which will have limited usefulness. For example, the tutorial ‘how to buy a book’, is very general and vague. In our opinion, it will be of very limited use. On the other hand, the tutorial ‘how to buy cookery books online’ is something real online users will be searching for and will be very helpful for them.

We have now also decided that the author bio box will only become enabled once a user has submitted at least 3 tutorials. The reason for this is because there has been a large influx of new users who submit one article just to get a backlink in their author bio box and never return to the site. We want writers who generally want to help others with their tutorials and have decided this is the best way to deter individuals who just want a backlink and nothing else. Please email us on  after you have submitted 3 tutorials to get you’re author bio box enabled. Users who already have their author bio boxes enabled will be unaffected by the changes above.

One account per person. This is NOT a link farm!

You must make an effort to reply to comments on you’re posts from time to time. is a NO adult content site. Therefore nothing adult related please!

Once you have submitted a tutorial, it may not be used elsewhere.

So there you go! Nothing complicated!

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