How To Screen Capture On An iPhone 5

How To Screen Capture On iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has arrived and what a neat piece of kit it is. A great screen with vibrant colours that makes you want to just keep looking at it. But sometimes we need to capture the screen so we can save it for the future. Whether it be a funny text … [Continue reading]

How To Delete Cookies

Remove Cookies Firefox

As may already know, a cookie is a piece of data which has been sent from a site and then stored in you're web browser. When you visit the site again in future, the website retrieves the cookie to see how you're activity was the last time you … [Continue reading]

How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense – Proof

Make Money Online Google Adsense

I have been making a small amount of money with Google Adsense from this site and thought to myself, why not give tips to others on how they can earn an income online with the help of adsense? Grab a cuppa because this is going to be long one! Be … [Continue reading]

How To Create An Event On Facebook

Create Event Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is a simple thing to do but also can be dangerous if not done properly! One of the most popular networking sites ever created, it constantly hits the headlines for new records. But it's not just positive light on the … [Continue reading]

How to Send your Tablet via Parcel during the Coming Months


If you need to send some gifts to friends and family located in far-flung destinations, then you will need to start thinking about how you are going to get your items delivered during the next few months. One way of achieving this is by sending your … [Continue reading]

How To Embed A YouTube Video Into PowerPoint

Embedded Video In PowerPoint

There are millions of videos on YouTube and there is bound to be one that you may need for a project or presentation. Since most presentations are done on Microsoft PowerPoint, I'm going to got through the steps to enable you to embed YouTube videos … [Continue reading]

How To Open Two Windows At Once On Windows 7

How To Open Two Windows At Once On Windows 7

I have been using Windows 7 for some time now and it's possible I may upgrade to Windows 8 very soon. Looking back at Windows 7, one of my favourite features has to be being able to have two windows open simultaneously on the screen. So why not do a … [Continue reading]

How To Calculate VAT

How To Calculate VAT

Let's admit it, we all hate VAT! Especially when you're going to buy something that costs a lot and you know you could be getting it cheaper if it wasn't for VAT. But we have no choice but to pay it...sigh. But what is VAT?   It stands for Value … [Continue reading]

How To Use The Multi Window Feature On The Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Video

The multi window feature has finally arrived for the Samsung Galaxy S3, thanks to the latest update from Samsung. Now if you're like me, the first thing you do after the update is rummage through all the menus and settings to see what's new! That's … [Continue reading]

How to Buy a Franchise Business

Business Finance

If you’re thinking about buying a business and becoming your own boss, you may have a couple of options to consider. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start your own business or buy a franchise. If you have recently given up your job in order to take … [Continue reading]